Lot 24
Aspen Mays

Palm Psalm

Silver gelatin print with dye
16 x 20 inches
Signed sticker on verso
Unique print
Donated by the artist

Belonging to her 2019 series Palm Psalm, this image by Aspen Mays is rooted in the revelatory experience Mays had as a child growing up in South Carolina during Hurricane Hugo. Sourcing pictures of storms from magazines, weather cameras and news footage, Mays turns these found images into unique objects. Making the original print into a negative, Mays creates a silver gelatin print, then dyes the image and occasionally marbles the paper surface of the dyed print. This complex and unpredictable process evokes the mayhem of the storms that originally inspired her. Mays is Associate Professor at California College of the Arts and holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Community Perspective

“The images of Aspen Mays are deeply rooted in her personal experiences, yet they puncture the minds of the viewer as firsthand accounts on the unpredictability of the natural world. Her work is layered, both physically and metaphorically, as Mays dives into the materiality of the photographic medium. Through the use of archived imagery and a process of creating negatives and dying the paper to create the marbling effect, she grips onto a landscape that is hurting. Mays’ images strike the viewer with both intense and tranquil moments that create a dark and twisted landscape that induces fear for what has already come and what may come in the future, and hope for change that as time goes on, these catastrophes will wake us up in order for us to commit to change. “ - Noah Fodor, 2019-2020 Scholar @ Silver Eye

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