Lot 45
Hannah Price


Archival Pigment Print
26 x 30 images
Signed sticker on verso
Edition 1 of 3
Donated by the artist

Hannah Price’s practice is concerned with how we, as people, communicate with and understand one another. Her photographs document relationships, race and gender politics, social perception, and social misperception. In her subtle and generous portraits, Price looks to the overt and subtle ways identity is signaled. Her deftness with her camera, her elegant compositions, and her richly toned prints are utterly mesmerizing. The subject of this image reclines gently towards the sunlight, pensive but comfortable in their skin. Price received her MFA from Yale University. Her work is featured in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of art and the pages of The New York Times Magazine.

Community Perspectives

“Warmth pulses through Hannah Price’s Simon, the heat rising from the concrete to mingle with the lazy summer air, the shifting light a promise of the evening to come. Simon—for I assume that our central figure is the titular subject of the 2018 photograph—lounges against some steps with an air of guarded intimacy. Simon, of flesh and blood and breath and being, remains an enigma to me. But I know the relationship implied in those expressive looks at the camera, laden with tenderness and wariness. Hannah Price’s work is fundamentally concerned with communication, its clarity, distortion, and interruption in the signaling of identity. This portrait ostensibly lays its subject bare, yet in practice, it offers Simon opacity, leaving space for our memories and assumptions and relationships to slip in between the cracks and enfold the sitter with an aura of our own making. Our attempts—my own musings included—to render Simon substance by our imaginative capacities signify nothing more than clutches at the stuff of bodies and warmth, the dream of a conversation with a friend in the late afternoon sun.” -Hilde Nelson, Curatorial Assistant for Contemporary Art, Dallas Museum of Art

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