Lot 63
Jessica Labatte

The Bathers

Archival pigment print
20 x 25 inches
Signed sticker on verso
Artist's proof 1 of 2, Edition of 3
Donated by the artist

In 2018 Jessica Labatte photographed every flower that bloomed in her house and garden over the course of one growing season. The resulting series, Almanac for Shade Gardeners, explores the impermanence in the everyday domestic spaces of her life. In addition to being elegant floral still lives, the pictures also incorporate “indexes of nurturing”: the clutter of objects and materials that accompany parenthood and artistic practice within the home. Labatte challenges myths of artistic practice and motherhood espoused by early feminist artists, and looks to depict a new definition of a feminist art practice. Labatte holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Community Perspectives

“In this body of work, Shade Garden, Jessica Labatte plunges into risky subject matter for women artists—her own motherhood and domestic surroundings. She combines the flora from her garden with the household debris of her everyday life creating complex compositions that form a personal landscape. Through this process of collecting and composing, she cultivates a countervailing image of an artist as mother that is at once playful and intelligent, erotic and nurturing, morbid and life-affirming. In this way, the shade garden in Labatte’s work refers to both the very real location and to a symbolic arena where there is persistent and alluring life growing outside of what has been described by dominant narratives. Without a mainstream or feminist template as a guide for navigating life as an artist and mother, Labatte turns to her own home and garden to create a type of almanac out of the testimony of her lived experience.” - Elizabeth Chodos, Director, Miller ICA, Carnegie Mellon University

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