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Wen Hang Lin

Mesa, AZ


Artist Statement

Silence in Synesthesia: “Our conception of the reality around us is a continuous act of layering moments of experience. Yet, the sense of the moment is a fluid concept. What we see as real is only defined by what we believe. What if two different points in time randomly became woven together–does it change our perception? Using synesthesia, a neurological term of the mix of senses, as a metaphor, this project combines two layers of time and provokes the visual senses. It also creates a new impression of mystery and possibility lurking in the humdrum daily life.

To construct this project, the images are blindly overlapping in the camera by rewinding the film after it is exposed. Adopting coincidence as a tool, two separate events, with no apparent or planned connection, are fused together by the colors and open an abstract space. Through an entangled web of intended actions and unintended instances, the act of photography is transformed into a theatrical encounter, playing in the present and using the moment. Even more, the quest of searching for the unseen emerges into a meditative monologue.

The double-exposure photographs reveal more than abstract images. Because the coincidental approach often leads to an unforeseen result, it echoes the mysteries of life, thereby a limit to calculate, to plan, or to control. Thus, it is a silent conversation riff off between two realities. When the seen and unseen meet–and strangeness and beauty intertwined–the light and shadow are whispering the hidden secret stories of our familiar world in an enigmatic voice.”


Wen Hang Lin was born and raised in Taiwan. He received an MFA from the Ohio State University and a BFA from Arizona State University. His works have been in numerous exhibitions, including at the Los Angeles Center of Photography; the Ann Arbor Art Center (MI); and The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO), amongst others. He currently works as a graphic designer in Phoenix, AZ.

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