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Deborah Hosking

Pittsburgh, PA


Artist Statement

Flight: “Rothko meets Turrell late at night, in the perpetual twilight high above the arctic in the dead of winter. Daylight and destination beyond the horizon, it’s a long, slow-motion dawn in the loud lonely silence of the sleeping aircraft. It is serene.

On long-haul flights, I always ask for a window seat. While other passengers are immersed in illuminated screens of another sort, I watch the slowly shifting light in the distance. In recent travels, I have moved from shooting the world as seen from the air to shooting the air itself.

These images are culled from several recent journeys. They were shot digitally with a normal camera and lens. No alternative photographic methods were used; poorly exposed and out-of- focus shots are surprisingly apparent. Similarly, there has been no significant retouching, no Photoshop trickery. While I have listed the ‘native’ print size on the entry form, I envision them printed somewhat larger, as a nod to the abstract paintings they resemble.”


Deborah Hosking received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh) and an MFA from Chatham University (Pittsburgh). She has exhibited her print and video work nationally and internationally, including, at The Mine Factory (Pittsburgh); SPACE (Pittsburgh); FrameHouse & Jask Gallery (Pittsburgh); Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh); Brooklyn Wayfarers (Brooklyn, NY); TEN Gallery (Prague, Czech Republic), and; The Police Officers’ Club (Hong Kong), amongst others. Hosking has received a number of awards, grants, and residencies for her work, and has been included in a number of publications.

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