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George Nobechi

Tucson, AZ


Artist Statement

“Sixteen years ago my father suddenly passed away. I was young and I grappled with feelings of isolation from the world. Faced with this loss, I unmoored myself and traveled freely, but with intention. What I encountered was a chaotic world, one rich with life but free of form. I struggled to make sense of this. Searching for inspiration to hone my vision I encountered the work of Hopper and Hokusai. Their contextualized framing and depictions of life as it unfolded spoke to me of my experience growing up in Tokyo, a city defined by its organized chaos. Drawing inspiration from their work I began seeking visual frames as a way of ordering the life I was seeing. It was my way of re-connecting. This newfound context gave me the stage on which to see the theater of life play out—the world is complex, but in structure there is serenity.”


George Nobechi is an emerging documentary, travel, and fine art photographer. He received a BA Honors Degree in History with International Relations from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC). Nobechi has received awards and recognition from Critical Mass (2016), Photo Place Gallery (2016), and Texas Tech University (2015). He is currently the Asia Programs Instructor/Expeditions Leader for Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

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