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Motohiro Takeda

Brooklyn, NY


Artist Statement

Another Sun: “All of these images were produced in a camera obscura in my room by exposing the projected image of the sun and its light directly onto various photographic papers and also by using a large format camera.

While the views from the window represent the world outside, the objective reality that exists regardless, and beyond one’s existence, is seen from the projected imagery; the room is a symbolic representation of one’s personal inner space—a subjective reality of one’s mind. The pinhole on the window functions as a passage between these two different spaces like our eyes do to us. Inside of a room camera obscura, the boarder between interior and exterior, personal and public, abstract and representational, and imagination and reality become a blur and start to merge together.

Soon after I found the projected image of the sun in my camera obscure, I started creating the picture in the room. As I followed the sun from my window, I realized I was also carefully observing the cycle of the seasons. Throughout the years, as the sun moves in the sky, the nature changes and so does my life. I received my daughter and she became my sun. These photographs are the result of my exploration of the camera obscura and a personal and artistic reflection of the sun I found in my room.”


Motohiro Takeda received a his BFA in Photography from Parsons The New School for Design (New York City). He has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Tbilisi Photo Festival (Tbilisi, Georgia); the Unseen Photo Festival (Amsterdam, The Netherlands); The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO), and; Rayko Photo Center (San Francisco), amongst others. Takeda has received a number of awards and residencies, including the Woodstock A-I-R residency and the Sidney Zuber Photography Award, both in 2015. His work has been included in a number of publications, such as Unseen Magazine, Conveyor Magazine, PDN Magazine, and Luxe Immo.

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