New Vision Campaign

For over 30 years, Silver Eye has brought the best in contemporary photography and related media to Pittsburgh and now we are preparing to take a giant step forward. Our stunning new gallery is located in the Penn Avenue Arts District on the corner of Penn Avenue and Mathilda Street, and will be designed by The Design Alliance Architects. Our new space will continue Silver Eye’s tradition of sharing contemporary photography that is beautiful, relevant, and compelling. It will also include a bookstore featuring the best of independent and small-press photo books, curated by Spaces Corners.

For the first time ever, Silver Eye will have a studio dedicated to education and fine art photography printmaking called the Lab @ Silver Eye. This facility will be like nothing else in the city–a 900 square foot state-of-the-art digital workspace, with professional quality work stations, wide format printers, and high end scanners available for workshops and Silver Eye members.

To make our dream of a beautiful new gallery and education space for the community a reality, we need your support. A donation to Silver Eye insures that we can use this opportunity to grow and thrive in our new home for years to come.

Your gift will make a big difference for Silver Eye–please help us create this extraordinary new space for our community and support our New Vision!

Support Silver Eye’s New Vision Campaign today!


Silver Eye’s new home will be a place that brings our community together with something for everyone.

Your gift helps support:

  • A 2,000 square foot gallery space for exhibitions, lectures, gallery tours, film screenings, and more
  • The Lab @ Silver Eye: a 900 square foot digital workspace for classes and members with professional quality work stations, wide format printers, and high end scanners
  • A book store curated by Spaces Corners, the internationally celebrated, locally based photo booksellers

See yourself in our new home

Click the images below to see architectural renderings of Silver Eye’s new gallery.

Renderings are provided by The Design Alliance Architects.

Fast Facts:

  • Silver Eye’s gallery is closed for the buildout and will re-open in spring 2017, but stay tuned to our Events page for happenings in the Lab @ Silver Eye this winter.
  • The address for Silver Eye’s gallery is 4808 Penn Avenue and the address for the Lab @ Silver Eye is 4828 Penn Avenue. Silver Eye’s temporary offices are in the lab at 4828 Penn Avenue during the buildout.


New Visionaries

Silver Eye is extraordinarily grateful for the generosity of the following supporters of the New Vision Campaign:


Allegheny Regional Asset District
The Anchor Fund, in memory of Peter Oresick
The Henry John Simonds Foundation
The Hillman Foundation
The Jack Buncher Foundation
Laurel Foundation
The Opportunity Fund
The William Talbott Hillman Foundation


Sue Abramson
Karen Antonelli
David Baker & Sharon Dilworth
Diane Balliet
Linda Benedict-Jones
Michael Berger
Pamela Z. Bryan
Stu & Lori Chandler
Kelli Connell
Lucille Dabney
Garen DiBartolomeo
Lynda Flom
Jodi Forlizzi
Laura Heberton-Shlomchik & Mark Shlomchik
Lori Hepner
Christine Holtz & David Scott
Jeffrey Hoone
Jim Judkis
Ellen P. & Jack J. Kessler
Kirby & Karen Krieger
Ryan Lammie
Brian J. Lang & Earl Robinson Jr.
Dale & Lynn Lazar
George Libby
Darren Lee Miller
Evan Mirapaul
Dan Mohan
Robert Myers
Mary Navarro
Dianne & Robin Nicholson
Alison & Paul Oehler
Glenn Olcerst & Barbara Talerico
Douglas Ostrow
Daniel & Irina Peris
Mark Perrott
Mark T. Phillis, in honor of Duane Michals
Renee Piechocki
Deborah & Martin Powell
Mark R. Power, in honor of Duane Michals
Robert Raczka & Melissa McSwigan
William Real
Henry Reese & Diane Samuels
Jake & Julie Reinhart
Michael Rosella
Marcia Rosenthal
Judith Ruszkowski & Ken Regal
Brenda & David Roger
Neal Ryan
Jen Saffron
Elana Rose Schlenker
Brian & Susan Sesack
Joshua C. Whetzel III
Barbara Weissberger & Eric Moe
Stan Winikoff
Lynn & Paul Zelevansky
Zelda Zinn