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Epson P7000 and 9900 printers

Maximum width for most of our media is 44 inches

Exhibition prints
Work prints

Final cost may vary depending on paper selections and job details.

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Epson Flatbed

Any format negatives / transparency / reflective

Work print scans, $8 per scan

Advanced flatbed scans, $15 per scan

Hassleblad Flextight X1

35mm, 120, and 4x5 negatives / transparency

RAW 3F scan, $20 per scan

Flextight Imacon X1 processed scans, $30 per scan

Framing & Mounting Secp Lab Framning

Framing & Mounting

We offer framing, matting, and mounting, specializing in archival and affordable photography framing. Contact us for a quote.

Mounting of photographs up to 24 inches wide to Sintra

Archival framing in black or white sectional metal frames

Mounted w/spacers

Final cost may vary depending on job details

Consulting Secp Lab Consult


Meet with experts at the Lab for guidance on a variety of photography projects including lab production, in-home artwork installation, artwork reproduction, preservation, and more. Consulting services are $50/hour. Email us to book an appointment.



Labor: Scanning, print finishing, framing, retouching, color correction, dusting, and other labor are billed at $50 per hour.

Turn-around: Times vary and depend on the job. Rush arrangements may be made depending on staff availability for an additional fee.

Shipping: We charge a $15 shipping and handling fee plus the cost of your choice of FedEx shipping service.

Limit of liability: We are extremely careful in handling all film, prints, digital files, and art, however submitting these materials to us constitutes an agreement by the client that any damage or loss by Silver Eye Center for Photography or anyone working for or at our establishment, will entitle the client only to the replacement of a like amount of film, paper, or material used in the production of the original. Client must pick up originals upon completion of the work or pay for return shipping of work. We are not responsible for any work left in house for more than thirty days.

Invoicing and payment: Invoices that include variable work such as hour-based labor may not represent an original job-quote or estimate due to unforeseen changes in the job requested by the client. All jobs over $2,000 require 50% payment at the start of the job. Client will be invoiced upon completion of services and/or shipment of materials. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

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