Artist Residency with Alisha B. Wormsley

Silver Eye is happy to announce a year long residency with interdisciplinary artist, Alisha B. Wormsley, set to begin in January of 2019.

During her residency at Silver Eye, Alisha has plans to:

-Curate a Channel Silver Eye

-Continue work on her forthcoming publication, The People Are the Light, in partnership with Silver Eye and designer Brett Yasko

-Continue work on her ongoing film, Children of NAN

-Create new work utilizing the Lab @ Silver Eye

There are more exciting projects in works as well, so stay tuned!

This residency is generously made possible by The Pittsburgh Foundation and the Heinz Endowments

About the Foundations:

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Since 1945, The Pittsburgh Foundation has been connection its generous donors with the critical needs of our community. Donors who have established funds through the Foundation can support virtually any area of charitable interest in Pittsburgh, or anywhere in the United States.

The Heinz Endowments

The Heinz Endowments supports efforts to make southwestern Pennsylvania a premier place to live and work, a center for learning and educational excellence, and a region that embraces diversity and inclusion.

Participating Artist

  1. Alisha B. Wormsley is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer. Her work is about collective memory and the synchronicity of time, specifically through the stories of women of color. Wormsley’s work has been honored and supported with a number of awards and grants to support programs: The People Are The Light ( part of the Hillman Photography Initiative), afronaut(a) film and performance series, Homewood Artist Residency (recently received the mayor’s public art award), the Children of NAN film series and archive, There Are Black People in the Future body of work. These projects and works have exhibited widely. Namely, the Andy Warhol Museum, Octavia Butler conference at Spelman University, Carnegie Museum of Art, Johannesburg SA, Studio XX in Montreal, Project Row House, the Houston Art League, Rush Art gallery in NY, the Charles Wright museum in Detroit and most recently the Mattress Factory. Currently working on: a public park design around community and sustainable water, a temporary installation in Pittsburgh's Market square, and creating a public program to put her text "There Are Black People In the Future" in residence to open up discourse around displacement and gentrification. Wormsley has an MFA in Film and Video from Bard College and was awarded the Postdoctoral Research fellowship in art at Carnegie Mellon University.