Thu, Nov 14, 2019,79 Silver Eye Center for Photography
4808 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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Better Living Through Chemistry

There are spaces between wellness and illness that are difficult to define. We live within healthcare systems that seek to capitalize and categorize symptoms, and our trust in the organizations that regulate and officiate over standards of food production or medical treatment has become tenuous. Illness, pain, or sickness are often viewed as moments of incapacitation, and wellness is prioritized, while its definition remains elusive.

What happens when these approaches fail? What is at stake when an illness takes years to diagnose and perhaps longer to treat? How can we responsibly remember the history of a health crisis as new methods of treatment and prevention become available?  

Join us for a screening that seeks to open conversations into difficult states of being, as well as the complexities, ambiguities, and uncertainties that can exist around them. 

Featuring work from:

Natalie Bookchin, Corinne Botz, Rachel Fein-Smolinksi, Maryam Jafri, and Gregg Bordowitz

Image credit: Still from, Corinne Botz, Beside Manner, 2016

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