13 Houston Hurst

Apr 14–May 5, 2021 Online 175


Building Worlds, Constructing Images with Aleem Hurst + J Houston

Much of Aleem Hurst and J Houston’s work is centered on repurposing familiar objects from childhood environments that were hostile to queerness and utilizing them to build new worlds that they can exist in more freely. This workshop will invite participants to explore objects they wish to insert into reconstructed narratives of their own experiences. It will begin with insight into Hurst and Houston’s process of working collaboratively, followed by sharing the work of other artists who emphasize the importance of collected objects. This workshop will then lead participants in exploring ways to create new narratives around their chosen objects and then guide them in photographing the scenes they create.

Participants who complete this workshop will have the opportunity to show work they create in the exhibition Selections for the Silver Eye Institute in our main gallery exhibition in August of 2021.

Experience Level: Participants should be comfortable downloading images from their camera to their computer, emailing images, and organizing pictures for Zoom screen sharing.
Equipment needed: Any camera can be used for this workshop (even phones.)

Workshop Schedule

Session 1, Wednesday April 14th, 6-8pm
What is World Building? + Assignment Part 1: Collecting the Objects of Your Story
Session 2, Wednesday April 21st, 6-8pm
Discussion Our Collected Objects + Assignment Part 2: Constructing New Worlds
Sessions 3, 30 Minute Individual Feedback Meetings April 26th-30th
Participants will schedule 30 minute individual sessions with the instructor for in depth feedback on their work
Session 4, Wednesday May 5th, 6-9pm
Participants will each present their work for group feedback and discussion

Workshop Size: 5-10

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Participating Artists

  1. J Houston is an artist & photographer working in Pittsburgh, PA and NYC. Their work has been recently featured in W Magazine, Aint-Bad, Klemm Gallery at Siena Heights University, MI, CONTACT Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, and Houston Center for Photography. They hold a BA from Carnegie Mellon University.

  2. Aleem Hurst is a photographer living and working in Pittsburgh, PA. They received a BFA from Point Park University, and have had their work included in spaces such as Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Bunker Projects and the CVA Clement Gallery at the University of Toledo