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Still Standing at Nafasi on Centre

Silver Eye Center for Photography is delighted to partner with the Hill Community Development Corporation. Ten of Hannah Price's portraits from Still Standing are exhibited at Nafasi, 2145 Centre Ave, from January 6, 2023. Visiting hours for the Nafasi exhibition are by appointment. Silver Eye thanks Corey Carrington, Marimba Milliones, and the Hill Community Development Corporation for supporting this collaboration.

Participating Artist

  1. Raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, Hannah Price is a photographic artist and filmmaker primarily interested in documenting relationships, race politics, social perception and misperception. Price is internationally known for her project City of Brotherly Love (2009-2012), a series of photographs of the men who catcalled her on the streets of Philadelphia. In 2014, Price graduated from the Yale School of Art MFA Photography program, receiving the Richard Benson Prize for excellence in photography. Over the past eight years, Price's photos have been displayed in several cities across the United States, with a few residing in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.