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September 2021

Studio Visits W/ Silver Eye

Jay Simple

Studio Visits w/ Silver Eye is a series of conversational, virtual studio and exhibition visits with artists from our community and beyond. In this episode we spoke with Jay Simple about his work that explores Black history and possible Black futures in America using photography, collage, sculpture, and writing. This conversation was so rich for me and we covered so much ground from whether one should feel hope or despair, to the many meanings of freedom. Studio Visits w/ Silver Eye is hosted by Executive Director, David Oresick.

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Video editing by Matthew Pevear

Participating Artist

  1. Jay Simple is a son, a brother, a father, a friend, an artist, an activist, and a scholar led by his ancestors and Allah. He was born in Chicago and raised in Philadelphia, where he current resides. He is black and his life is eternal and multidimensional.