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Friday, April 10th, 2020 Volume 3

Studio Visits W/ Silver Eye

Jessica Labatte

Studio Visits w/ Silver Eye is a series of conversational, virtual studio and exhibition visits with artists from our community and beyond. In this episode Jessica Labatte discusses her recent body of work Almanac for Shade Gardeners, how motherhood has affected her work, and coming to terms with beauty, nostalgia and sentimentality. Studio Visits w/ Silver Eye is hosted by Executive Director, David Oresick.

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Studio Visit Citations & Footnotes

bell hooks’s, “Beauty Laid Bare: Aesthetics in the Ordinary” is a short piece of writing discussing the role of material objects in traditional black culture.

A Memento Mori is an object serving as a warning or reminder of death, such as a skull, extinguished candle or dying flower.

An Almanac is an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables. A popular type is a Farmer’s Almanac, which provides advice to farmers such as the best days to do various planting activities and long range weather predictions.

A Pyrite Sun, also known as Pyrite Dollars, Miner’s Dollars, or Sun Dollars, are crystal structures formed deep underground, under great pressure about 350 million years ago.

Carolee Schneemann (1939–2019) was an American visual experimental artist, known for her multi-media works on the body, narrative, sexuality and gender.

Imogen Cunningham was one of the first professional female photographers in America, and is perhaps best known for her botanical photography, images of nudes, industrial landscapes, and street scenes. She was part of a group of West Coast modernist photographers known as f64, who promoted the camera's unique mechanical qualities and sharpness and detail in depth in their work.