Daniel Boardman Fellowship 16

Jan 29–Apr 2, 2016

Fellowship 16 features solo exhibitions from our International Award and Keystone Award winners, selected from an open call for entries in mid-2015. International Award winner Ka-Man Tse (Brooklyn, NY) showcases her series Narrow Distances, which seeks to draw connections between LGBT culture and the Asian Pacific Islander community, as well as Tseā€™s own ongoing exploration of home, identity, and isolation as someone who was born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States. Keystone Award winner Aaron Blum (Pittsburgh, PA) showcases A Guide To Folk Taxonomy, which explores the mysteries of Appalachia, a cultural region that spans the southern regions of the Appalachian Mountains, through a series of images that are haunting, but beautiful.

Participating Artist

  1. Since 2013, Dan Boardman has created work by combining photography, drawing, and modified camera techniques created for special effects for early cinema. The result of this method is an image made completely in camera through a series of cardboard masks cut out and placed in front of the negative while shooting.