Zeal Eva Gentle Landing

Dec 2, 2022–Feb 11, 2023
Silver Eye Center for Photography
Pittsburgh Presents
4808 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Gentle Landing is a small step in the journey towards self-actualization for the artist Zeal Eva, who has found herself these past five years in a search for home while actively finding moments of pause, peace, and humanity in the everyday and the “what’s next?”

The artist writes: "A gentle transition of moments experienced, a celebration of ones passed and those left to come. The unexpected turn of an important relation, backs turned toward you as you set off, yet again, into the sunset, into spaces both familiar and unknown. To the journey of uncovering small pieces of yourself while kneading in new threads to make you whole. It is an ongoing practice to create what is imagined into the tangible. While landing, gently into this present time."

This exhibition is part of Silver Eye's Pittsburgh Presents series, a year-round project to highlight the work of extraordinary artists and image-makers working in our community.

Participating Artist

  1. Zeal Eva is a visual storyteller who celebrates Black experience through her artworks that bring to life a nostalgic feeling of home. Originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Zeal Eva’s work is deeply rooted in personal history and the histories of the communities in which she navigates. Through photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, and curation, she explores the intersections of the natural world and the built environment to highlight shared experiences, document the present, and look towards the future.