Vikesh Kapoor Honorably Mentioned

May 21–Jun 23, 2019
Online Exhibition

"We are now in an age of turbulent national discourse on immigrants’ rights and who is truly American. My ongoing project, See You at Home, is a personal narrative that centers on family, memory and the myth and melancholy surrounding the American Dream. My parents, Shailendra and Sarla Kapoor, immigrated from India in 1973, settling in a small town of 10,000 people in rural Pennsylvania. They are one of only a few immigrant families in the region. Although they left India for a better life, like many immigrants from the East, the shift from a collectivist nation to an individualistic one led to isolation just as much as it led to freedom. As they grow old in Pennsylvania with both my sister and I no longer living nearby, their isolation only becomes more apparent to me. See You At Home explores this dichotomy using images of their current life in America imbued with memories of life back in India."

-- Vikesh Kapoor

Participating Artist

  1. Vikesh Kapoor is an artist and musician whose work examines race, class and identity as a first-generation American. Kapoor received The Hopper Prize in 2020, and PhotoNola Review Grand Prize in 2019. His photographs have been featured in The Guardian, Libération, The Boston Globe, among others. He will be an Artist in Residence at Latitude in Chicago in 2021.

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