Mikael Owunna Infinite Essence

May 7–Jul 17, 2021

Equipped with his camera, an ultraviolet light, and fluorescent body paint, multi-media artist Mikael Owunna sets out to recast the Black body as an incarnation of the eternal cosmos and make visible the divinity inherent in Blackness. His series “Infinite Essence” responds to pervasive media images of Black people being shot and killed by police by articulating an alternative vision of the Black body as immortal and transcendent. Owunna explores this transfigured vision of the Black body in relationship with West African spiritual and cosmological systems, particularly Igbo and Dogon, and each image references divine principles that connect Black bodies of the present across space and time to ancestral conceptions of the universe.

Participating Artist

  1. Mikael Owunna is a Nigerian American multimedia artist, filmmaker, and engineer. Exploring the intersections of technology, art, and African cosmologies, his work seeks to elucidate an emancipatory vision of possibility that revives traditional African knowledge systems and pushes people beyond all boundaries, restrictions, and frontiers.

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