Ian Kline River Bend Haunt

Oct 31, 2019–Jan 31, 2020
Online Exhibition : The Lab Presents

Ian Kline's installation, River Bend Haunt conjures an uneasy anticipation. Using only three, large-scale images, Kline absorbs us into a world that seems to teeter on the edge of many unnerving possibilities. A portrait taken in the glow of a summer evening is rendered suspicious, as a chain-link fence pattern forms a fine mesh over the sun-drenched image, and a spray paint smiley faced tipped upside downside casts an eerie tone. A florescent blue circle glowing under a lace curtain seems to signal towards another dimension, and a young girl looks backwards out of a pickup truck, her melancholy face at odds with the bright flare of light that seems to emanate out of the vehicle.

Through careful attention to details and lighting, Kline's dark, modern fairytale stitches together the off-kilter moments that many of us notice, and quickly try to forget. His images in this installation blur aspects of dreams, hallucinations, and premonitions, alongside the uncanny feeling that all of this could exist within the most familiar locations. In Ian Kline's world, you can go home again, but not without looking over your shoulder.

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Participating Artist

  1. Ian Kline

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