Aleem Hurst Welcome Home

Sep 5–Oct 26, 2019
Online Exhibition : The Lab Presents

Aleem Hurst looks to corners, edges, and the unnoticed scraps of things we leave around our homes. The edges of slightly dirty carpets, lace doilies, dirty mirrors, or a row of collectable teapots are their subjects, and each is treated with an inquisitive eye and a gentle sense of humor that asks us to consider how and why we live with things. Domestic interiors are central to Hurst’s work, as is the desire to rethink how we engage with photography’s dimensionality. The surface of these prints seems to pulsate as they push and pull at the tension of being two dimensional objects that crave a third dimension. Frayed edges of rug creep out of the frame, and a photograph of an acrylic vase filled with flowers has been placed into a new scene and rephotographed so specifically it appears hyperrealistic.

Adding to this tension is where the different objects that live within these photographs come from. A colorful teapot collection, or a mosaic of carpets laid over one another, are benign enough when we live amongst them, but what happens when we separate the trappings of our homes from the structure itself? These things begin to take on new kinds of character that Hurst’s discerning eye has pinpointed and revealed to us. Lurking amidst this wall peeks out the face of a cat from underneath a bed. While the feline is only a normal house cat, its presence is somehow amplified. When forced to reckon with how wonderfully strange the collections and decor we choose to surround ourselves with can be, the presence of a small animal, casually existing in a home, can become absurd. In different hands, a show like this could feel trite, or voyeuristic. But Hurst takes us through these images with sincerity and joy that celebrates the eccentricities we all have, as if to say, “welcome home”.

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Participating Artist

  1. Aleem Hurst is a photographer living and working in Pittsburgh, PA. They received a BFA from Point Park University, and have had their work included in spaces such as Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Bunker Projects and the CVA Clement Gallery at the University of Toledo