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The Lab @ Silver offers private tutoring in a wide range of photography topics for all experience levels. Unlike the traditional workshops, tutoring lets you learn about photography one-to-one with talented, experienced teaching artists. Work on your projects, learn what you want, when you want. Tutoring sessions are $50 per hour.

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Silver Eye Institute

The Silver Eye Institute is our new holistic approach to our educational programming. We believe that contemporary photography can help us to better understand our world and ourselves. We offer accessible opportunities to help individuals realize their personal voices through photography and gain a deep and nuanced understanding of the many roles images play in our world. Through workshops, mentorship, tours, reading groups, and public conversations the Silver Eye Institute is committed to helping people grow creatively through photography. Learning the art and craft of photography and understanding how to make meaning from images can unlock creative potential in people of all ages regardless of their experience level.

The Silver Eye Institute's workshops center the teaching of photography in accessibility, open creative exploration, and honest discourse, and we have courses designed for all levels of experience with photography. We believe the most powerful and inspirational way to learn is to have amazing artists share the heart of their creative practice. Our goal is to help all kinds of artists further their own creative vision.

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