Current Exhibition

London/ Pittsburgh

Mark Neville

June 26 - September 12, 2015

London/Pittsburgh is Mark Neville's first solo exhibition in Western Pennsylvania, and consists of twelve works from two significant projects, presented side-by-side. The pairing of Here is London (2012) and Braddock/Sewickley (2012) contrasts British and American society, further emphasizes social disparities, and yet reveals behavioral characteristics, which are shared regardless of economic circumstance, cultural factors or geographic location.

In both series, the artist confronts viewers with uncomfortable truths about imbalances that still exist in both countries. The artist’s concerns about division of wealth and racial segregation reverberate throughout Braddock/Sewickley. The race divide in Pittsburgh is startling in comparison to Neville’s images of the cosmopolitan British capital, but Here Is London reflects how the divisive effects of class and money have changed little in the UK over the past forty years. Images of traders at the London Metal Exchange and dancing crowds at the society nightclub Boujis are exhibited alongside photographs of activist groups like Occupy London and life at community centers in Tottenham. The photographs blend almost seamlessly into the work presented in Braddock/Sewickley of flashy high school proms and the disparate portrait of a man in front of the Edgar Thomson Steel Works in North Braddock.

My Neighbour Joe with our view on the Edgar Thomson Steel Mill, 2012 RESIZE