Upcoming Exhibition

Golden Hour: Thoughts on the Contemporary Photo Book

December 4 - January 16, 2016

Golden Hour: Thoughts on the Contemporary Photo Book is a new and experimental exhibition presented by Silver Eye Center for Photography. We think that the photo book has entered an age of prodigious production, bold experimentation, and outstanding quality so we wanted to explore new ways of sharing these projects at Silver Eye. We asked some of the most innovative and creative publishers, book makers, and photo centers to show us what their books look like on the walls of a gallery. We gave our collaborators free reign to show whatever they felt told the story of their publishing program. Naturally, when you ask great artists and publishers to express themselves, the results are stunning. Golden Hour has fabulous images from recent or upcoming publications, experimental installations, and thoughtful and evocative sequences that add a new perspective to existing book-based projects.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with Silver Eye's Photo Book Fair, December 4-6, 2015.

Upcoming Exhibition

Fellowship 16: Ka-Man Tse & Aaron Blum

January 29 - April 2, 2016

Fellowship 16 features solo exhibitions from our International Award and Keystone Award winners, selected from an open call for entries in mid-2015. International Award winner Ka-Man Tse (Brooklyn, NY) showcases her series Narrow Distances, which seeks to draw connections between LGBT culture and the Asian Pacific Islander community, as well as Tse’s own ongoing exploration of home, identity, and isolation as someone who was born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States. Keystone Award winner Aaron Blum (Pittsburgh, PA) showcases A Guide To Folk Taxonomy, which explores the mysteries of Appalachia, a cultural region that spans the southern regions of the Appalachian Mountains, through a series of images that are haunting, but beautiful. This year's juror is Jon Feinstein, Co-Founder, Humble Arts Foundation.

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