Jacob Haupt Real to Me

Sep 2–Oct 23, 2021
Silver Eye Center for Photography
Aaronel Deroy Gruber & Irving Gruber Gallery

Jacob Haupt uses lovingly handmade props and costumes to explore pop culture and what he calls, β€œthe tragedy of becoming an adult.” Using himself, his wife and daughter, and his friends as performers, Haupt creates pictures that are absurd, funny, and poignant tableaus of monsters, heroes, villains, and devils. Through these images he shares his feelings, weighs the value of nostalgia, and basks in the enduring appeal of Batman and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Though his work celebrates the staged, the fictitious, and the performed Real to Me is also a sincere, peculiar, joyful, delirious, and real family portrait.

Participating Artist

  1. Jacob Haupt works with photography, video, and sculpture. His work employs pop culture as both metaphor and mirror for addressing the tragedy of becoming an adult. After completing the book Infinity Gate with Noah Jackson in 2015, he recently released a photobook of his own, Gloom. Airlock Gallery (CA) hosted his first solo show Beyond the Super Rainbow in 2015, and he has continued to exhibit nationally, internationally, online, and in print, including a solo exhibition at Silver Eye in 2021. His work has been featured by Self Publish Be Happy, Der Greif, Don/Dean, and Ordinary Magazine.

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