Hernease Davis Recapitulation

Sep 2–Oct 23, 2021

Brooklyn based artist Hernease Davis will present new multi-media work with silk cyanotypes, sound installation, and silver gelatin prints. Davis' studio practice has been influenced by a love and study of music and the crafting of environments that allow the artist to explore responsive improvisation and repetition as a means of growth and healing. As Davis says, "I change, the work changes. As the work changes, it changes me..."

Recapitulation, refers to an element of musical theory, where a musical theme is presented again later on, after its initial appearance. The word recapitulation can also mean an act of summarizing, restating the main points of an idea or event. Fusing these notions of restarting and renewing, this exhibition looks to personal modes of processing, calming, and coping as a means of confronting personal experiences of trauma.

Participating Artist

  1. Hernease Davis earned her MFA from ICP-Bard College and widely exhibits multimedia installations throughout the U.S. Using photograms, cyanotypes on fabric, crochet and sound installation, Hernease creates immersive spaces of rest for herself and others. Work from her new series, "...new love." debuted as a part of the SHIFT Residency 2020-21 hybrid exhibition at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York City. She has also exhibited with Silver Eye (Pittsburgh), Transformer Station (Cleveland), the International Center of Photography (New York City), the Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester), Tiger Strike Asteroid (Brooklyn), the Houston Center for Photography, and she was named to the inaugural Silver List which recognizes emerging photo-based artists who are advancing the medium. She has been featured in Front Runner Magazine, LensCulture, and her work inspired an article in Musée Magazine that explored facets of trauma. Hernease teaches in the MFA program at the Visual Studies Workshop and served as a Visiting Lecturer at ICP-Bard where she led a course exploring empathy through art practice.

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