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An archive of our exhibition education materials


Gallery Guides + Education Guides

Gallery Guides provide insight into exhibiting artists’s practice, ideas and thought processes. They feature essays and original scholarship into the work of emerging and mid-career artists, and are often the first in-depth, published writing around an artist’s work and career.

Our Education Guides supplement our exhibitions through information about the work on view, questions for looking, a glossary of terms, and a suggested reading list for further learning. These guides prompt viewers to consider new perspectives and make unexpected connections between different works of on view. Education Guides encourage visitors to understand that there are many ways to make meaning and share their ideas about visual art.

Gallery Guides

Radial Survey Vol.3

In dreams I walk with you

Fellowship 23

April Friges: In Absolute Space

Nicole Czapinski: Always Arriving

Hannah Price: Still Standing Gallery Guide

Hannah Price: Still Standing at Nafasi on Centre

Zeal Eva: Gentle Landing Gallery Guide

Fellowship 22 Gallery Guide

Karen Lue: 安詳 (OR, WHEN I DIE I WANT TO DIE PEACEFULLY) Gallery Guide

Patricia Voulgaris + Whitney Hubbs: Mouse Trap Gallery Guide

Centa Schumacher: Observational Astronomy

Jacob Haupt: Real to Me Gallery Guide

Hernease Davis: Recapitulation Gallery Guide

Fellowship 21 Gallery Guide

Mikael Owunna: Infinite Essence Gallery Guide

Sibyls Shrine Gallery Guide

Erik Hagen: Team Member Gallery Guide

Fellowship 20 Keystone Award Honorable Mentions Gallery Guide

Rory Doyle: Delta Hill Riders Gallery Guide

Fellowship 20 Fellowship Award Honorable Mentions Gallery Guide

Barbara Weissberger: Mother Gallery Guide

Education Guides

In dreams I walk with you

Fellowship 23

April Friges + Nicole Czapinski Education Guide

Hannah Price + Zeal Eva Education Guide

Fellowship 22 Education Guide

Jacob Haupt + Hernease Davis Education Guide

Barbara Weissberger: Mother Education Guide

Fellowship 21 Education Guide

Spring Exhibitions 2021 Education Guide