Robert Chase Heishman

_IMG #3

Archival inkjet print
10 x 15 inches with 16 x 20 inch archival white matte
Edition of 30

Robert Chase Heishman’s practice consists of artworks that address visual perception, the construction of images, and visual idioms. At the onset of his career he worked as a décor artist for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and was introduced to John Cage and Merce Cunningham’s philosophies of chance-operations and collaboration. Heishman applies similar sensibilities of structure, chance, experimentation, and openness that he learned from Cunningham and his collaborators. Heishman’s projects echo the conscious and subconscious proliferation of technology in everyday life through optical shifts in the dimensional qualities of space, engaging in larger political conversations through formal photographic work, and playful material investigations. His series, _IMG, is an on-going project creating optically flat images in three-dimensional spaces using colored pieces of masking tape. These photographs playfully reveal the labor involved in making a formal composition in real space by oscillating congruous and incongruous marks.

  • $250: No Frame
  • $300: Black Frame
  • $300: White Frame
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