Sue Abramson

Woodlands #30

Hand printed cyanotype, printed 2017
9 x 9 inches; includes 16 x 20 inch archival white matte
Edition of 20

The Woodlands series follows Abramson’s relationship, over decades, light, loss and the forests and parks near her home. Shooting this series is a cyclical process, one in which she uses the natural world as her raw materials. In the same way forests change through the process of time, chance and contingency so does her photographic response to the woods. Woodlands #30, an image made in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park, has been inverted and printed as a negative, and what would be a white, cloudless sky is turned a deep blue. This manipulation is a beautiful yet jarring reminder of the chaos and entropy around us.

Abramson works with both traditional and alternative photographic methods in connection with the environment and landscape. Her work has been nationally and internationally shown at the Mattress Factory,The Carnegie Museum of Art, Rayko Photo Center and Connecting Gallerie Nahore, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic. She was an Associate Professor of photography at Pittsburgh Filmmakers for thirty years.

  • $250: No Frame
  • $300: Black Frame
  • $300: White Frame
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