Julie Weber

Separation of Light (Luminos & Kodak)

Unique silver gelatin prints
8 x 10 inches with 16 x 20 inch archival white matte
Editions of 20

Julie Weber explores how photographic images take form and materialize into physical objects. Working predominantly without a camera, Weber considers the essential nature of light sensitive materials. Through methodical layering and repetition Separation of Light (Luminos & Kodak) creates geometric abstract designs that evoke a darkroom printing test strip that photographers use to calibrate exposure. Each print in this edition is handmade and examining two prints side by side will show slight differences. Luminos and Kodak refer to the two brands of silver gelatin paper Weber used to create this edition. The images also serve as an homage to traditional darkroom printing as Luminos papers had been discontinued at the time this edition was made.

  • $250: No Frame
  • $300: Black Frame
  • $300: White Frame
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