April Friges

Untitled (Color 2015)

Unique color darkroom print
8 x 10 inches with 16 x 20 inch archival white matte
30 unique prints

April Friges creates abstract images in her darkroom without the use of a camera, lens, or computer. These prints, known as photograms, allow Friges to create images with the most rudimentary essentials of the photographic process, light, shadow, and light-sensitive paper. These works have the brilliance of color and precision of line one would expect to find with a digital process, yet they are completely analog. Friges often sculpts her prints into three dimensional forms that call attention not only to the image on the surface of the paper, but to the physical qualities of the paper itself. For Silver Eye Editions, Friges has created thirty unique images, so no two are alike.

  • $250: No Frame
  • $300: Black Frame
  • $300: White Frame
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