Exhibition Archive

Year Type Title Artist(s) Dates
2024 Exhibition John Barbiaux Suburban Echoes

Silver Eye Scholar Will Litchholt speaks with John Barbiaux about his creative inspirations and series Life on Mars

  1. John Barbiaux
May 21–Jul 21, 2024
2024 Exhibition Elena Helfrecht Ritual Occurrence

Silver Eye Scholar and recent University of Pittsburgh graduate Lucy Zhang speaks with Elena Helfrecht about her practice

  1. Elena Helfrecht
May 15–Jul 15, 2024
2024 Exhibition Laura Krasnow Language with the Red Line

Silver Eye Scholar and University of Pittsburgh graduate Ren Aimua speaks with Laura Krasnow about her practice

  1. Laura Krasnow
May 14–Jul 14, 2024
2024 Exhibition Fellowship 24

Explore work by artists Rachael Banks, William Camargo, Anthony Francis, Vikesh Kapoor, Xavier Scott Marshall and Anna Rotty!

  1. Rachael Banks
  2. William Camargo
  3. Anthony Francis
  4. Vikesh Kapoor
  5. Xavier Scott Marshall
  6. Anna Rotty
May 2–Aug 3, 2024
2024 Exhibition o_ Man!

Kelli Connell and Natalie Krick use collage, reappropriation, and wordplay as subversive tools to interrogate photography's past.

  1. Kelli Connell
  2. Natalie Krick
Feb 22–Apr 13, 2024
2023 Exhibition Radial Survey Vol.3

Silver Eye’s flagship biennial exhibition features preeminent artists whose work expands the future of contemporary photography while traversing time, memory, identity, and presence.

  1. Akea Brionne
  2. Larry W. Cook
  3. Alanna Fields
  4. Marissa Long
  5. Eduardo L. Rivera
  6. Shane Rocheleau
  7. Lisa Toboz
Nov 2, 2023–Feb 3, 2024
2023 Exhibition Emerging Visions

In collaboration with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, experience work by Sobia Ahmad, Anqwenique Kinsel, and Evangeline Mensah-Agyekum, in the center of downtown Pittsburgh.

From October 24, 2023
2023 Exhibition In dreams I walk with you

Celebrating the work of teaching artists and participants from 2021-22 Silver Eye workshops

Sep 7–Oct 21, 2023
2023 Exhibition Because Freedom

Because Freedom celebrates Asian American experiences of struggle, healing, and resilience. Hung on the windows of Silver Eye, the three banners feature quotes from Asian American poets and writers Min Jin Lee, Ocean Vuong, and Yanyi.

  1. Lena Chen
  2. Caroline Yoo
Aug 4–26, 2023
2023 Exhibition Sara Macel Between Archive and Fiction

Silver Eye Scholar and Chatham University graduate Katelyn Nee speaks with Sara Macel about creating photography at the intersections of family history, truth, and fiction.

  1. Sara Macel
May 18–Jul 18, 2023
2023 Exhibition Faraz Ravi Over Icy Water

Silver Eye Scholar and Point Park University graduate Jen Collins speaks with Faraz Ravi about his darkroom practice and exploration of nature and the changing landscape.

  1. Faraz Ravi
May 18–Jul 18, 2023
2023 Exhibition Elizabeth Hibbard Soma

Silver Eye Scholar and University of Pittsburgh graduate Noelle Derksen speaks with Elizabeth Hibbard about her explorations of psychology, being female-bodied, and the mother-child relationship.

  1. Elizabeth Hibbard
May 18–Jul 18, 2023
2023 Exhibition Mikael Owunna The World In (Y)our Perfect Image

Silver Eye Scholar and University of Pittsburgh graduate Dominique Swift speaks with Mikael Owunna about turning art into activism and using the camera as a tool for discovery and universe-building.

  1. Mikael Owunna
May 18–Jul 18, 2023
2023 Exhibition Fellowship 23

See all the award winners + honorable mentions of our annual call for entries!

  1. Samantha Box
  2. Trent Bozeman
  3. André Ramos-Woodard
  4. Dominick McDuffie
  5. Terrell Halsey
  6. Karen Lue
May 11–Jul 28, 2023
2023 Exhibition April Friges In Absolute Space

What defines photography? In this new exhibition, April Friges reimagines the possibilities of photographic processes

  1. April Friges
Mar 2–Apr 22, 2023
2023 Exhibition Nicole Czapinski always arriving

Nicole Czapinski explores illusions within perception in a new series of images that push and pull between 2D and 3D experience

  1. Nicole Czapinski
Mar 2–Apr 22, 2023
2022 Exhibition Hannah Price Still Standing

How does the legacy of the past inspire the future? Hannah Price documents the preservation of historic buildings in Pittsburgh and explores how community and memory is shaped by connection to place

  1. Hannah Price
Dec 2, 2022–Feb 11, 2023
2022 Exhibition Zeal Eva Gentle Landing

Zeal Eva finds moments of pause, peace, and humanity in the everyday

  1. Zeal Eva
Dec 2, 2022–Feb 11, 2023
2022 Exhibition Benefit Auction 2022

Support Silver Eye's exhibitions and artists while building your photography collection! All lots can be bid on Artsy!

Sep 2–Oct 22, 2022
2022 Exhibition Ina Jang Radiator Theatre

Silver Eye Scholar and Carnegie Mellon University Senior Justin Villalon speaks with Ina Jang about image-making and her series Radiator Theatre

  1. Ina Jang
May 16–Jun 30, 2022
2022 Exhibition Isabella Convertino Pressure, bursts of light, and flailing

Silver Eye Scholar and Carnegie Mellon University Senior Lily Bridges recently interviewed Bella Convertino about her photography

  1. Isabella Convertino
May 16–Jun 30, 2022
2022 Exhibition Pixy Liao Experimental Relationship

Silver Eye Scholar and University of Pittsburgh Senior Clara Wang speaks with Pixy Liao about experimenting with photography through the development of this long-term project

  1. Pixy Liao
May 16–Jun 30, 2022
2022 Exhibition Karen Lue 安詳 (or, when i die i want to die peacefully)

Explore aspects of identity and home through photographs by Karen Lue

  1. Karen Lue
May 5–Aug 6, 2022
2022 Exhibition Fellowship 22

See all the winners + honorable mentions of our annual call for entries

  1. Carla Liesching
  2. Eva Alcántara
  3. Jake Reinhart
  4. Steph Foster
  5. Jenna Garrett
  6. Dylan Everett
May 5–Aug 6, 2022
2022 Exhibition Mouse Trap

Patricia Voulgaris and Whitney Hubbs confront how women's bodies are depicted and perceived through photography

  1. Whitney Hubbs
  2. Patricia Voulgaris
Mar 3–Apr 23, 2022
2022 Exhibition Centa Schumacher Observational Astronomy

Explore intermediary spaces between the material world and the spiritual with photographs by Centa Schumacher

  1. Centa Schumacher
Mar 3–Apr 23, 2022
2021 Exhibition Radial Survey, Vol. 2

A survey of artists working within 300 miles of Pittsburgh that explores how identity intersects with the histories, mythologies, and realities of the places where they work and live

  1. Ryan Arthurs
  2. Nakeya Brown
  3. Anique Jordan
  4. Njaimeh Njie
  5. Jay Simple
  6. Raymond Thompson Jr.
  7. Hannah Altman
  8. Nadiya I. Nacorda
Nov 4, 2021–Feb 19, 2022
2021 Exhibition Bloomberg Connects: Watch and Listen

Learn more about connecting with Silver Eye from anywhere, anytime

  1. Zora J Murff
  2. Jessica Labatte
  3. Zoë Croggon
Sep 27–Nov 15, 2021
2021 Exhibition Jacob Haupt Real to Me

Delightfully homemade props and costumes create monsters, heroes, villains, and devils and “the tragedy of becoming an adult”

  1. Jacob Haupt
Sep 2–Oct 23, 2021
2021 Exhibition Hernease Davis Recapitulation

Crafting an environment of personal growth, reflection and care

  1. Hernease Davis
Sep 2–Oct 23, 2021
2021 Exhibition Expanding Visions: Works from the Silver Eye Institute

A selection of work from participants of the spring Silver Eye Institute workshops

Aug 6–21, 2021
2021 Exhibition Fellowship 21

The winners + honorable mentions of our annual call for entries

  1. Sasha Phyars-Burgess
  2. Aleem Hurst
  3. J Houston
  4. Odette England
  5. Kata Geibl
  6. Vikesh Kapoor
  7. Marcus Maddox
May 7–Jul 31, 2021
2021 Exhibition Mikael Owunna Infinite Essence

Exploring the intersections of visual media with engineering, optics, Blackness, and African cosmologies

  1. Mikael Owunna
May 7–Jul 17, 2021
2021 Exhibition Zoë Croggon Pale Horse Pale Rider

A new collection of handmade collages from Melbourne based artist Zoë Croggon, named after Katherine Anne Porter’s eponymous novel about the 1918 influenza pandemic.

  1. Zoë Croggon
Apr 21–May 22, 2021
2021 Exhibition Sheida Soleimani Levers of Power

The Iranian-American artist speaks with Silver Eye Scholar Camryn Drabenstadt about her new project

  1. Sheida Soleimani
Mar 30–Apr 30, 2021
2021 Exhibition Granville Carroll Because the Sun Hath Looked Upon Me

The artist speaks with Silver Eye Scholar Jacob Sizemore on

  1. Granville Carroll
Mar 30–Apr 30, 2021
2021 Exhibition Sibyls Shrine: Taking Care

Artists explore self care as self preservation

  1. Kahmeela Adams
  2. Nakeya Brown
  3. Tara Fay
  4. Tsedaye Makonnen
  5. Alisha B. Wormsley
  6. sarah huny young
Feb 9–Apr 24, 2021
2021 Exhibition Erik Hagen Team Member

The Fellowship 20 Keystone Award explores how working in a grocery store affects his psychological space

  1. Erik Hagen
Feb 9–Apr 24, 2021
2021 Exhibition Keystone Award Honorable Mentions

A selection of work from the Fellowship 20 Keystone Award Honorable Mentions

  1. J Houston
  2. Will Harris
  3. Sarah Kaufman
Feb 9–Apr 24, 2021
2021 Reading Group Thinking Through Photographs: A Virtual Reading Group Spring 2021

Our Virtual Reading Group Continues in 2021

Spring 2021
2020 Exhibition Sue Abramson Magicicada

A seventeen year quest with moments of disappointment and hope

  1. Sue Abramson
Oct 19–Dec 31, 2020
2020 Exhibition Rory Doyle Fellowship 20: Delta Hill Riders

Exploring the traditions of African American cowboys and cowgirls in the Mississippi Delta

  1. Rory Doyle
Sep 15–Dec 31, 2020
2020 Exhibition Fellowship Award Honorable Mentions

A selection of work from the Fellowship Award Honorable Mentions

  1. Louie Palu
  2. Alex Christopher Williams
  3. Philip Cheung
  4. Michael Darough
  5. Zora J Murff
Sep 15–Dec 31, 2020
2020 Exhibition Xiaoxiao Xu Orim Oil

Recounting a past relationship through drawings, travel notes, polaroids, and photographs

  1. Xiaoxiao Xu
Sep 1–Oct 31, 2020
2020 Exhibition Louie Palu Honorably Mentioned

An interview with Louie Palu about his project, Arctic Passage

  1. Louie Palu
Jul 10–24, 2020
2020 Exhibition 2020 Auction Preview Exhibition

Open now by appointment!

Jun 2–Jul 9, 2020
2020 Exhibition Zora J Murff Honorably Mentioned

Looking at a selection of work from Zora J Murff's recent publication, At No Point In Between

  1. Zora J Murff
May 22–Jun 5, 2020
2020 Studio Visits W/ Silver Eye Studio Visits w/ Silver Eye Archive

A collection of our virtual studio visit series

Fri, May 15, 2020,12
2020 Exhibition Philip Cheung Honorably Mentioned

Looking at Philip Cheung's series, The Thing About Remembering

  1. Philip Cheung
May 8–22, 2020
2020 Exhibition J Houston Honorably Mentioned

An online exhibition featuring work by Fellowship 20 Honorable Mention J Houston

  1. J Houston
May 1–15, 2020
2020 Exhibition Matthew Cronin Contorted Interiors

Manipulated interiors reflecting American aspirations

  1. Matthew Cronin
Apr 24–May 7, 2020
2020 Exhibition Alex Christopher Williams Honorably Mentioned

An online exhibition looking at a selection of work from Alex Christopher Williams

  1. Alex Christopher Williams
Apr 17–30, 2020
2020 Exhibition Sarah Phyllis Smith Where the Great Lakes Leap to the Sea

Talking about nostalgia, Niagara Falls, and souvenirs

  1. Sarah Phyllis Smith
Apr 10–23, 2020
2020 Exhibition Sarah Kaufman Honorably Mentioned

A selection of images from Sarah Kaufman's series, Devil's Pool

  1. Sarah Kaufman
Apr 2–16, 2020
2020 Exhibition Michael Darough Honorably Mentioned

A haunting visual response to the Black Lives Matter movement

  1. Michael Darough
Mar 23–Apr 6, 2020
2020 Exhibition Evan Perkins When Light is Put Away

Other worldly photographs situated in the familiar

  1. Evan Perkins
Mar 1–31, 2020
2020 Channel Silver Eye Casual Water: A Film by Jacob Koestler

A look into how personal histories can begin to reshape an initial view of a landscape

Thu, Feb 27, 2020,7
2020 Exhibition Will Harris Honorably Mentioned

An online exhibition looking at a selection of work from Will Harris

  1. Will Harris
Feb 27–Mar 21, 2020
2020 Exhibition Barbara Weissberger Mother

New work from Barbara Weissberger centered around the many meanings and interpretations of the word "mother."

  1. Barbara Weissberger
Feb 6–May 16, 2020
2020 Exhibition Sean Carroll Hillsides

Tracing a curious landscape

  1. Sean Carroll
Feb 6–Mar 21, 2020
2019 Channel Silver Eye Better Living Through Chemistry

Wellness, illness, belief, fact, and the many areas in between

Thu, Nov 14, 2019,79
2019 Exhibition Leonard Suryajaya Novi, Dear

A new exhibition that explores family and migration with absurdity and affection

  1. Leonard Suryajaya
Oct 31, 2019–Jan 11, 2020
2019 Exhibition Ian Kline River Bend Haunt

Something romantic, and broken, and slightly other worldly

  1. Ian Kline
Oct 31, 2019–Jan 31, 2020
2019 Channel Silver Eye Dust in the Wind: 7 Films by Michael Robinson

Short videos that bounce between television, pop music, and personal experiences

  1. Michael Robinson
Tue, Oct 22, 2019,7
2019 Channel Silver Eye Glittering + Bursting: The Films of Kelly Gallagher

Animations that explore histories and movements of resistance

  1. Kelly Gallagher
Tue, Sep 24, 2019,7
2019 Exhibition Continuum: Aspen Mays + Dionne Lee

An exhibition exploring mentorship and the creative influences between a teacher and her former student

  1. Aspen Mays
  2. Dionne Lee
Sep 5–Oct 26, 2019
2019 Exhibition Aleem Hurst Welcome Home

A tender portrait of the eccentricities of home

  1. Aleem Hurst
Sep 5–Oct 26, 2019
2019 Channel Silver Eye Late Summer Local Shorts

An evening of film and video made in Pittsburgh

Sat, Aug 10, 2019,710
2019 Opening The Summer Show @ The Lab: Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

Images that speak of summer, the essence of heat, and what it feels like to be surrounded by highways, derelict factories, and crumbling malls

Fri, Aug 9, 2019,68
2019 Exhibition Rachel Fein-Smolinski Honorably Mentioned

A photographic exploration of the biological and the medical exploration

  1. Rachel Fein-Smolinski
Jul 16–Aug 17, 2019
2019 Exhibition Mark Davis Honorably Mentioned

An online exhibition looking at a selection of work from Mark Davis

  1. Mark Davis
Jun 24–Jul 15, 2019
2019 Exhibition Fellowship 19

Exhibitions from Tim Carpenter and Rebecca Arthur, selected from Silver Eye's annual juried competition

  1. Rebecca Arthur
  2. Tim Carpenter
Jun 6–Aug 10, 2019
2019 Exhibition Vikesh Kapoor Honorably Mentioned

An online exhibition looking at a selection of work from Vikesh Kapoor

  1. Vikesh Kapoor
May 21–Jun 23, 2019
2019 Channel Silver Eye Garry Winogrand: All Things are Photographable

A new documentary on the legendary street photographer with director, Sasha Waters Freyer

  1. Sasha Waters Freyer
Thu, May 9, 2019,7:30
2019 Exhibition Ian Kline Honorably Mentioned

An online exhibition looking at a selection of work from Ian Kline

  1. Ian Kline
May 1–18, 2019
2019 Channel Silver Eye Real Magic, Real Black: Alisha B. Wormsley & Li Harris

Two filmmakers share and discuss a dystopic sci-fi future and opera with live music

  1. Alisha B. Wormsley
  2. Li Harris
Wed, Apr 24, 2019,7:30
2019 Exhibition Radial Survey

A new biennial exhibition of contemporary photography from artists working within 300 miles of Pittsburgh

  1. Nando Alvarez Perez
  2. Morgan Ashcom
  3. Nydia Blas
  4. Melissa Catanese
  5. Brendan George Ko
  6. Jacob Koestler
  7. Eva O'Leary
  8. Lydia Panas
  9. Ahndraya Parlato
  10. Jared Thorne
  11. Corine Vermeulen
  12. Susan Worsham
Apr 4–May 25, 2019
2019 Channel Silver Eye Prairie Gothic: Films by Melika Bass

Two saucy, abstract fables on the longing and laboring female body

  1. Melika Bass
Thu, Mar 21, 2019,7
2019 Exhibition Rafael Soldi Honorably Mentioned

An online exhibition looking at a selection of work from Rafael Soldi

  1. Rafael Soldi
Mar 13–Apr 13, 2019
2019 Channel Silver Eye Spotlight on Panama

Channel Silver Eye visits the tropics

  1. Paula Kupfer
Thu, Feb 21, 2019,7
2019 Exhibition Lydia Panas Honorably Mentioned

An online exhibition looking at a selection from Panas' series *Holding On*

  1. Lydia Panas
Feb 11–Mar 8, 2019
2019 Exhibition Gothic Fictions

Three artists play within the framework of horror to create palpable senses of dread

  1. Dylan Hausthor
  2. Rory Mulligan
  3. Tereza Zelenkova
Jan 31–Mar 23, 2019
2018 Channel Silver Eye Performing Rites

Animals, myth and ritual take center stage in our winter screening

Thu, Dec 13, 2018,7
2018 Exhibition Trisha Holt The In-Between

Photographs playing with space and form—making us keenly aware of the places we inhabit

  1. Trisha Holt
Dec 6, 2018–Jan 23, 2019
2018 Exhibition Lauren Semivan Door into the Dark

Abstract photographs that blur the boundaries between real and imagained worlds

  1. Lauren Semivan
Dec 6, 2018–Jan 23, 2019
2018 News Artist Residency with Alisha B. Wormsley

A cross disciplinary creative inquiry

  1. Alisha B. Wormsley
2018 Exhibition Full Moon Fever

Celebrate the passage of time, images that haunt us in our sleep, and harvest what light remains

  1. Anastasia Davis
  2. J Houston
  3. Ian Kline
  4. Karen Lue
  5. Ross Mantle
  6. William Real
  7. Sean Stewart
  8. Alan Waddingham
  9. Nathan Alexander Ward
Oct 31, 2018–Jan 1, 2019
2018 Channel Silver Eye Radical Ordinary: Kevin Jerome Everson

A screening event with themes of loss, sport, magic, and black labor

  1. Kevin Jerome Everson
Thu, Sep 20, 2018,7
2018 Exhibition Andre Bradley Family Systems Theory

A series of provocative self-portraits exploring race, family archives, and identity

  1. Andre Bradley
Sep 6–Nov 17, 2018
2018 Exhibition Hannah Price Semaphore

Complex and tender portraits about subtle ways we signal our identities to the world

  1. Hannah Price
Sep 6–Nov 17, 2018
2018 Channel Silver Eye Clown Mask Replica

This third installment in the Channel Silver Eye microcinema series features a selection of contemporary videos that explore themes of representation and artifice in the mediated experience.

Thu, Jul 19, 2018,8:3010
2018 Exhibition Fellowship 18

Fellowship 18 features solo exhibitions from our International Award and Keystone Award winners, selected from an open call for entries. Now in its 18th year, this competition recognizes both rising talent and established photographers.

  1. Soohyun Kim
  2. Tamsen​ ​Wojtanowski​
Jun 1–Aug 11, 2018
2018 Exhibition Benefit Auction Preview Exhibition 2018

Support Silver Eye's exhibitions and artists while building your photography collection

Apr 28–19, 2018
2018 Channel Silver Eye Imag(in)ing Loss

Exploring Media and Melancholy in Feminist Experimental Film

  1. Emi Finkelstein
Thu, Mar 29, 2018,79
2018 Exhibition Jesse McLean When it Rains, it Pours

McLean’s artwork is an investigation into human and nonhuman emotional relationships, and an exploration of the effects of our increasing immersion into digital culture.

  1. Jesse McLean
Mar 2–Apr 11, 2018
2017 Exhibition Tabitha Soren Fantasy Life

  1. Tabitha Soren
Dec 1, 2017–Feb 17, 2018
2017 Exhibition Tarrah Krajnak Sismos

Sismos sets out not to recover an “authentic” identity hidden by the circumstances of the artists birth in Lima, Peru and adoption in 1979

  1. Tarrah Krajnak
Dec 1, 2017–Feb 17, 2018
2017 Exhibition Sandra Gould Ford On the Making of Steel Genesis

A collaborative exhibition by Sandra Gould Ford and LaToya Ruby Frazier

  1. Sandra Gould Ford
  2. LaToya Ruby Frazier
Sep 22–Dec 31, 2017
2017 Exhibition LaToya Ruby Frazier  The Notion of Family

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s seminal series on the painful effects of industrial decline her hometown of Braddock, PA

  1. LaToya Ruby Frazier
Sep 22–Nov 18, 2017
2017 Exhibition Past, Present, Future

Silver Eye celebrates its grand reopening and move to the Penn Avenue Arts District in the Bloomfield-Garfield neighborhood with an exhibition that explores and celebrates the history, current moment, and future of photography in Pittsburgh.

Jun 27–Sep 2, 2017
2017 Exhibition Fellowship 17

Fellowship 17 features solo exhibitions from our International Award and Keystone Award winner, juried by Rebecca Senf, Chief Curator of the Center for Creative Photography.

  1. Kris Sanford
  2. Francis Crisafio
Feb 3–Apr 15, 2017
2016 Exhibition Materials + Processes

Materials & Processes: Imaging the Elements of Photography focuses on a fascinating trend of works that use elements of photographic tools and processes as the subject matter of the images.

  1. Daniel Boardman
  2. April Friges
  3. Jessica Labatte
  4. Andy Mattern
  5. Julie Weber
  6. Zach Nader
Fall 2016
2016 Exhibition Daniel Coburn The Hereditary Estate

Daniel Coburn’s solo exhibition The Hereditary Estate explores the dark undercurrent of the artist's’ family history through a series of lyrical and mysterious photographs.

  1. Daniel Coburn
Summer 2016
2016 Exhibition Megan C. Ledbetter Homo Bulla

Megan Ledbetter’s solo exhibition Homo Bulla is a study of surfaces and life cycles in the American South

  1. Megan C. Ledbetter
May 27–Jul 30, 2016
2016 Exhibition Benefit Auction Preview Exhibition 2016

This year's Auction featured an extraordinary selection of vintage and contemporary work representing a long list of illustrious talent - from revered masters and prominent mid-career photographers to an exceptional group of young, emerging artists.

Apr 15–May 11, 2016
2016 Exhibition Daniel Boardman Fellowship 16

Fellowship 16 features solo exhibitions from our International Award winner Ka-Man Tse and Keystone Award winner Aaron Blum

  1. Daniel Boardman
Jan 29–Apr 2, 2016
2015 Exhibition Golden Hour: Thoughts on the Contemporary Photo Book 

Golden Hour: Thoughts on the Contemporary Photo Book is a new and experimental exhibition presented by Silver Eye Center for Photography.

Dec 15, 2015–Jan 16, 2016
2015 Exhibition Dandy Lion: (Re)articulating Black Masculine Identity

Dandy Lion: (Re)Articulating Black Masculine Identity seeks to distinguish the historical and contemporary expressions of the Black Dandy phenomenon in popular culture.

Sep 15–Nov 14, 2015
2015 Exhibition Mark Neville London/Pittsburgh

London/Pittsburgh is Mark Neville's first solo exhibition in Western Pennsylvania, and consists of twelve works from two significant projects, presented side-by-side.

  1. Mark Neville
Jun 26–Sep 12, 2015
2015 Exhibition Kelli Connell A World Imagined

A World Imagined features the work of Kelli Connell (Chicago, IL) and Sara Macel (Brooklyn, NY) who each explore the emotional and psychological terrain of personal relationships.

  1. Kelli Connell
  2. Sara Macel
Spring 2015
2015 Exhibition Matthew Conboy Fellowship 15

Fellowship 15 features solo exhibitions from our International Award winner Christopher Meerdo and Keystone Award winner Matthew Conboy

  1. Matthew Conboy
  2. Christopher Meerdo
Winter 2015
2014 Exhibition Close to Home

The seven artists in this exhibition use photography to explore different notions about home as a physical place with deep emotional connections.

  1. Andrew Hammerand
  2. Martha Fleming-Ives
  3. Cameron Gibson
  4. Lisa Lindvay
  5. Jake Reinhart
  6. Elizabeth A. Rudnick
  7. Justin Visnesky
Oct 24, 2014–Jan 10, 2015
2009 Exhibition The Analytical Eye: Photographs by Aaronel deRoy Gruber

Mar 18–Jun 27, 2009
2001 Exhibition Creatures: Henry Horenstein

Feb 14–May 5, 2001
2000 Exhibition Ansel Adams: Photographs from the Polaroid Collection

Nov 8, 2000–Jan 27, 2001
2000 Exhibition Point of View: Photographs of Albanians

May 1–Aug 5, 2000
2000 Exhibition Elijah Gowin Fellowship 2000

  1. Elijah Gowin
Mar 7–May 6, 2000
1999 Exhibition The Photographs of James VanDerZee

Nov 2, 1999–Feb 26, 2000
2024 Exhibition 2021 Silver List

47 Extraordinary Photographers, Compiled by Leading Curators, Scholars, and Critics

  1. Zora J Murff
  2. Widline Cadet
  3. Joshua Rashaad McFadden
  4. Hugo Teixeira
  5. Shikeith
  6. Jon Henry
  7. Elle Pérez
  8. William Camargo
  9. Aaron Jones
  10. Fatemeh Baigmoradi
  11. Jasmine Clarke
  12. Nydia Blas
  13. Alanna Airitam
  14. Farah Al Qasimi
  15. Pacifico Silano
  16. Hannah Altman
  17. Rafael Soldi
  18. Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.
  19. Daniel Rampulla
  20. Steph Foster
  21. Nadiya I. Nacorda
  22. Anastasia Samoylova
  23. Vikesh Kapoor
  24. Granville Carroll
  25. Leonard Suryajaya
  26. Carl Bower
  27. Luther Konadu
  28. Dionne Lee
  29. Alex Turner
  30. Tarrah Krajnak
  31. André Ramos-Woodard
  32. David O. Alekhuogie
  33. Anique Jordan
  34. Hernease Davis
  35. Claire A. Warden
  36. Aaron R. Turner
  37. Mikael Owunna
  38. D'Angelo Lovell Williams
  39. David Emitt Adams
  40. Tommy Kha
  41. RaMell Ross
  42. Nick Drain
  43. Aspen Mays
  44. Susan Worsham
  45. Raymond Thompson Jr.
  46. Mark McKnight
  47. Ka-Man Tse
2024 Exhibition 2022 Silver List

47 Extraordinary Photographers, Compiled by Leading Curators, Scholars, and Critics

  1. C. Rose Smith
  2. zakkiyyah najeebah dumas o’neal
  3. Agnieszka Sosnowska
  4. Allison Grant
  5. Mercedes Dorame
  6. Tay Butler
  7. Heather Evans Smith
  8. Nona Faustine
  9. Christian K. Lee
  10. Njaimeh Njie
  11. Ian Lewandowski
  12. Cassandra Klos
  13. Ally Caple
  14. Abbey Hepner
  15. J Houston
  16. Chance DeVille
  17. Pao Houa Her
  18. Bryson Rand
  19. Robert Andy Coombs
  20. Will Harris
  21. Clifford Prince King
  22. Rodrigo Valenzuela
  23. Alayna N. Pernell
  24. Donavon Smallwood
  25. Vanessa Leroy
  26. Kei Ito
  27. Guanyu Xu
  28. Chanell Stone
  29. Isabel Okoro
  30. Drew Nikonowicz
  31. Logan Bellew
  32. Rashod Taylor
  33. Dawn Kim
  34. Anna Mikušková
  35. Tomas Karmelo Amaya
  36. Shawn Bush
  37. Odette England
  38. Dylan Hausthor
  39. Stacy Arezou Mehrfar
  40. Patricia Voulgaris
  41. Amanda Marchand
  42. Naima Green
  43. Sasha Phyars-Burgess
  44. Allie Tsubota
  45. Lindley Warren Mickunas
  46. Jay Simple
  47. Priya Kambli
2024 Exhibition 2023 Silver List

Twenty-four extraordinary photographers, recommended by leading curators, educators, publishers, and researchers.

  1. Jamie Ho
  2. Karolina Karlic
  3. Harlan Bozeman
  4. Sara J. Winston
  5. Shala Miller
  6. Nick Simko
  7. Kennedi Carter
  8. Eduardo L. Rivera
  9. Yukai Chen
  10. Tommy Bruce
  11. Sophie Schwartz
  12. Samantha Box
  13. Martín Wannam
  14. Ryan Patrick Krueger
  15. mk
  16. Ariel C. Wilson
  17. Jenny Irene Miller
  18. Patrice Aphrodite Helmar
  19. Alana Perino
  20. Shane Rocheleau
  21. Kerr Cirilo
  22. Julie Rae Powers
  23. Nykelle DeVivo
  24. Rose Marie Cromwell